Our hours

Monday 11am - 2am
Tuesday 11am -2am
Wednesday 11am- 2am
Thursday 11am - 3am
Friday 11am- 4am
Saturday 1pm - 4am
Sunday 12noon - 10pm

Genuine Scottish Food, Made by Genuine Scots!

Both proprieters, Kevin and George, put their heart and soul into making sure the food is genuine Scottish, just like their mom's use to make.

Experience Scotland in New York

Experience the wonderful atmosphere that is Scotland, right here in the center of New York City.

Scottish Hospitality right here in New York

Experience the genuine Scottish hospitality that Scots are famous for. You'll feel right at home the moment you walk in.

The Bar is the center of it all here.

Enjoy Scottish whisky like you've never had before. It's the real thing.

The Highlander NYC

The Highlander NYC is a warm and welcoming bar and restaurant with a homely,
rustic setting that transports you to the Highlands of Scotland.
Run by true Scots, The Highlander NYC invites you to come and enjoy yourself,
the Scottish way! - George Craig & Kevin Wilson, Owners

Our Loction

38 West 39th Street
between 5th and 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10038
(212) 221-1971